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March 13, 2008 at 6:30 pm (Politics) (, , , , , )

 Money, Sex, Power and


The Governor of New York has resigned amid allegation that he solicited sex from a prostitute and paid her in excess of $5,500 an hour for sex.  This governor was one of the most powerful men in New York politics, a rising star in the Democrat party and a man that one day perhaps could have been President of the United States of America.  Now he is just one of many politicians who have gotten caught up in scandals and fallen from their thorn of power.

What drives an individual to risk it all for a moment of sexual pleasure with no lasting benefits then drags his wife to a podium to stand beside him, while the TV cameras broadcast his meanness apology to the world?

What makes a woman put herself in such a humiliating position in front of the world at such a time as this?

Will she still stand by her man through his many difficulties that he will face while he is making amends to her and the general public?

Money, Sex, Power and Prostitution, this is one hell of a combination that is making Satan’s job so easy.  We know that he has always disguised himself as an angel of light.  Always ready to please and deceive.   I can just see him now; sitting back with his legs crossed and laughing non stop about how stupid some people are with the things they do, knowing that soon or later they will ended up right where he is. 

When will these men of great power and wealth ever learn that they can’t continue to do wrong and expect good to come their way? 

What would you do, if your spouse cheated on you, then gave the family fortune to a prostitute and you received no benefit from it except to be humiliated in front of the world?



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  1. jonolan said,

    Money, Sex, Power and Prostitution — “Kristen”

    Money, Sex, Power and “Marriage” — Silda Wall Spitzer

    One wonders at the possible similarities since they would explain her sticking by her husband. Was their relationship a marriage or merger? I find that I don’t know.

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